Weapons of choice

1. One Letraset Fineliner

I got it free with a Manga art kit at the MCM Expo. They don't sell those kits anymore, it came with Letraset comic template pages and these pens. I loved the deep, dark line and quick-drying ink. And, voila!, a new weapon of choice is born. I'm on my fourth Boxed set of 0.1 .

More about these pens here

And I feel vindicated in having chosen these over, say, the Copic or Staedtler, thanks to this review and product test.

2. One ultra portable sketchbook that fits in my handbag

Yup, it's a Moleskine, another to add to my collection which include many that have contributed a sketch or two to the Moleskinerie Group on Flickr and the website of the same name. Like, my previous handbag resident, the Storyboard Moleskine:

I know many a purist would complain that the creamy paper isn't ideal for fine art. But my needs are simple, my audience is online and my handbag is small.

3. One A6 Wacom Graphire drawing tablet

Something no digital graphic artist would be without nowadays.
Bought mine 4-5 years ago, and it's more than paid for itself. They don't sell the Graphire anymore. It's equivalent today would be the Intuos4 A6. Again a super-portable size with plug-and-work capability.
Yes, I do dream about the Cintiq, specially the Cintiq 21UX , but doubt I will ever afford it in this lifetime. And yes, my Wacom has occasionally seen the inside of my handbag.

4. Comic Life 2 software

For the lettering and output to websize jpgs. Again, professionals might sneer at it but for the time-poor and sleep-deprived, like me, it's perfect. Besides most of the comic art is on paper, needing only to be formatted for the web.

And no. I don't keep the software in my handbag. Ha ha. very funny.

It lives on my Macbook.

5. Apple Intel Macbook

I have the White, 13" one that isn't being sold anymore. Of course, I dream of upgrading to a Apple MacBook Pro 17" . But, I must confess, I love my little Macbook a lot. It pains me that its keyboard is soiled and its screen is smudged from heavy daily use. But it does its job of... everything..... remarkably well.

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